Amniotic stem cell treatments are fast becoming an alternative to surgical procedures of the lower extremities. Instead of invasive surgery, stem cell treatment makes use of the natural healing power of the body to repair specific lower extremity problems, including accidents, genetic problems, sports injuries, overuse, degenerative diseases, tendon/ligament damage, and aging.

What are amniotic stem cells?

These are stem cells that are obtained from the amniotic fluid. The procedure is ethical and there is absolutely no risk at the time of collection. The stem cells are then filtered out and processed, and these have the potential to transform into specific tissue, in this case, become musculoskeletal tissue. They contain growth factors, antimicrobial components, and cell activators that help rebuild the damaged part of the body.

Amniotic stem cell therapy can help patients avoid knee, ankle, and foot surgery. The results have been amazing. There is a significant decrease in pain, no painful recovery, and there is improved healing.

Don't have knee replacement until you know about this option. Stem cell therapy for your knees in Naples, Florida can help regenerate, reinvigorate your joints.
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