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Regenerative Medicine of Naples aims to provide patients with the latest concepts, therapies, and innovative techniques using the body’s natural healing resources.

Dr. Kevin Lam and his team of consultants and surgeons work with patients all over the country so they can benefit from a unique non-surgical procedure using stem cell injections.

Dr. Kevin Lam on Dialogue with a Doctor TV show

Phone:  239 430 3668

Brennan Building
730 Goodlette Road, suite 102
Naples, FL 34102

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Dr. Kevin Lam, DPM, FACFAS, DABLES, DABPS - Double Board Certified Ankle Surgeon
Dr. Lam has always been at the forefront of the most modern procedures and technologies in podiatry. “I always liked being on the cutting edge in the field. As a resident in training I always gravitated towards the more difficult cases. The ability to transform someone's life by realigning their foundation either via orthotic therapy, padding or surgery is very gratifying. Protocols are set in the office to give patients the optimal care, for those that don't respond to our typical protocols advanced testing /imaging can be done for more aggressive care. Conservative care will always be an option that is explored and exhausted prior to surgery.”
Candid talk with Dr. Kevin Lam of the Family Foot and Leg Center.
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  • Ohio Podiatric Medicine Training Certificate – 2011-Present –
  • American Heart Association Basic Life Support – Recertified 2013 –
  • American Heart Association Advanced Life Support – Recertified 2013 –
  • American Heart Association Pediatric Advanced Life Support – 2010


  • Hallux Interphlangeal Joint Dislocation: A Case Study and Review of the Literature. ACFAS
  • Poster Presentation and Ohio Health Research Symposium Poster Presentation. 2011- 2012. 
  • Invasive Squamous Cell Caricnoma of the Foot, A Case Presentation. ACFAS Poster Presentation and Ohio Health Research Symposium Poster Presentation, 2013




If you are a patient with disorders on the feet and lower limbs, the Virtual consultation will surely help you. We are a HIPAA Compliant facility and our Board-Certified podiatrists can treat conditions resulting from bone and joint disorders of the foot. Our convenient, virtual consultation service is a great option if you have a busy schedule, or prefer the privacy of an online consultation.​


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Phone:  239 430 3668