The Use of Stem Cells to Treat Knee or Foot Injuries and Arthritis

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Our body is made of billions of cells that form muscles, skin, ligaments and tendons, bone and other organs. Each day, some of these cells die either by natural aging or thru injury, which we commonly experience in our everyday lives. Fortunately, these injured or dead cells are immediately replaced by new ones thru the process of regeneration.

Tissue regeneration is possible due to specialized cells called stem cells. Stem cells are unique cells because they are capable of changing into different kinds of cells. They are found all over the body and are responsible in regenerating new cells and help stimulate or repair injured cells.

However, chronic injuries like arthritis and other degenerative joint disease are difficult to treat due to less or lack of blood supply and there are not much stem cells in the joint area to regenerate the thinning cartilage bone.

This is where stem cell treatments come in. By injecting stem cells into the affected joint, the process of regeneration can begin. Stem cells used for stem cell therapy are usually gathered from the patient’s own blood, from the patient’s bone marrow or amniotic stem cells. While there are different types of stem cells, those that are suited for musculoskeletal healing are found in bone marrow. Most of the time, almost all of your stem cells are found in the bone marrow and only a few stem cells found in the blood. In fact, stem cells stay in the bone marrow to produce blood vessels.

Extracting bone marrow is done by needle aspiration, usually at the hip area. A new extracting technique called Marrow Cellution uses a patent pending technology to harvest high quality stem and progenitor cells from different levels within the marrow space, while minimizing peripheral blood contamination.

At the Regenerative Center of Naples, the latest in cutting edge treatments such as MARROW CELLUTION™ stem cell therapy may be used to successfully treat patients with degenerative arthritis, osteoarthritis, tendonitis, and more.

Dr. Lam discusses knee arthritis treated with stem cell



Stem cells hold the promise of treatments and cures for many diseases and conditions that affect millions of people.

Enormous difference in my life

You have all made an enormous difference in my life and it is difficult to express how much you all mean to me.
Your kindness, patience, compassion, and dedication to healing all your patients is evident. Your professionalism is beyond compare ...

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