Stem Cell Treatment for Soft Tissue Injuries

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Injuries are an unavoidable part of an athlete’s life or anyone with an active lifestyle. Individuals who are physically active will inevitably get injured at some degree, regardless of the safety practices. A simple sprain or strain, or to the more serious tendon, ligament and muscle injuries can be frustrating since these can disrupt an individual’s daily routine.

What makes things worse is that these types of injuries are somewhat difficult to treat because soft tissue injuries can take a long time to heal.  And if not treated properly, symptoms could persist for years and can lead to chronic conditions.

Stem cell treatment for soft tissue injuries has been methodically studied and has been shown to be valuable in promoting faster and quality tissue repair.

Amniotic stem cells are undifferentiated cells, which means these cells have not yet transformed into specific cells. When stem cells are introduced to the affected area, stem cells seek out the injured tissues and immediately transform to specific cells to improve healing and rejuvenation. Amniotic stem cells have the capacity to transform into any type of tissue such as tendon, ligament, muscle and even nerve tissue.

Advantages of Amniotic Stem Cell Treatment:

1.       No allergic reaction or rejection. Amniotic stem cells are collected from an immune privilege site and will not cause any allergic reaction or cause patient rejection.

2.       Amniotic stem cells contain cytokines which naturally help reduce pain and swelling.

3.       Amniotic stem cells contain hyaluronic acid, a substance found in the joints and this is the reason why amniotic stem cell treatments are highly recommended for acute and chronic arthritis of the joints.

4.       Non-invasive. Amniotic stem cell treatment is done by simply injecting the amniotic stem cells into the affected site.

5.       Cost-effective. This can significantly reduce the treatment cost of chronic injuries.

Amniotic stem cell treatment is not only effective for acute injuries but it also works well on chronic or old injuries that have never really healed. With promising results, it is expected that stem cell therapy will be among the best treatments for the repair of soft tissue damage.

What is amniotic
stem cell therapy?

amniotic stem cell therapy for ankle arthritis
Stem cells hold the promise of treatments and cures for many diseases and conditions that affect millions of people.


Fortunate to have Dr. Kevin Lam

"I consider myself fortunate to have Dr. Kevin Lam as my physician, I was about to lose all hope and sign up for surgery until my father, a local hospital executive mentioned your method. I traveled from N.C. to see Dr. Lam and I am glad I did."

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